Phase 2 of my Noteboard Experience

Github is a great tool to use to address the needs and problems of other programmers. I was able to look at 2 people's repository and add features and fix bugs. Since this is a note taking app, I decided that a helpful feature would be to have multiple tabs on the web page in order to take notes for multiple classes and keep it organized. For the bug, I was able to fix an error that came up when the note app was initially being loaded.

I learned that a lot of people have different coding styles and that sometimes I'm not used to coding a certain way but I am still able to adapt and code it to the best of my abilities. I also learned that a lot of people provide different viewpoints and can help fix or add features that I did not envision/see before. The things I would do differently next time is plan ahead and create a prototype of what I would want to have as a finished product.

 I would also research a lot more on new features and how to improve my application, which in turn will help me improve my skills and help others. I would like to work and see other peoples applications because some people had really cool ideas and next time i would like to view more of their code in more detail.


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